Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fall from Grace

Every so often, I rock a workout and feel totally indestructible. Of course, this is probably when I'm at my most vulnerable, having broken down my body and counting on it being able to rebuild itself again. And every so often, I push too far and I don't bounce back the way I should. It's never a single workout, but a buildup of miles and workouts, that pushes past the line separating quality training and destruction. And unfortunately, I've gone and done it again. I've been dealing with "I can ignore this and run anyway" issues for around two months now, and the past couple weeks have been really hot and cold. I killed a long cruise interval workout without a problem, and then bombed a tempo and took a couple of days off to try to kick a hip flexor problem and some tendinitis. Came back, pulled off the tough track workout I mentioned in my last post while hardly breaking a sweat, and woke up two days later with tendinitis that had completely spiraled out of control. Unrelated to the first bout of tendinitis, but I'm fairly certain was caused by compensating for my hip flexor. It's really discouraging, to get knocked down every time I have what I feel like is a great workout. I'm not so stupid as to assume that they are completely unrelated, though I think the biggest problem is that I really didn't give myself that much downtime after the marathon. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot about it I can do now, other than ice, NSAIDs, stretch, self-massage, hopefully some ultrasound soon, and downtime until it resolves itself.

To keep this from being a total downer post, I've just ordered a pair of Brooks T6 Racers from National Running Center. The T5 was my go-to flat for everything from track work to tempos to marathon pace runs (which I guess means I was treating it like a performance trainer, but it definitely qualifies as a flat). Though I've done most of my racing in the Adidas Adizero PR, I think I'd still give the nod to the T5 for my favorite flat, since they were infinitely more versatile. I've also gotten over 500 miles out of them, which is practically unheard of as far as racing flats go. They finally got to the point where they were so beat up (and so gross) that I threw them in the trash right before throwing out food so there was no temptation to take them out and wear them again. Luckily, I believe the T6 is pretty much the same shoe, albeit with a different upper. Full review coming as soon as I have them in my hands and am able to run in them again.

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