Friday, August 27, 2010

Pulling the Plug

Well this is a nice way to start a training blog...with an announcement that I'm pulling the plug for the season. I feel alright doing six mile jogs. Not great, definitely not 100%, but it's tolerable. But it's also how I felt two months ago, and I know that when I start speedwork again, I'll be right back where I was before taking these past two weeks off. I don't want to do the 40 miles per week thing, where I'm not able to do any real training, and then run a 1:28 half at Baltimore, which is what I know will happen if I try to keep training. I feel terrible, since the National Running Center picked up my entry for ING Philly, but it's just not worth it. If I'm going to run, I want to train. I feel like running now is just going to put me in that perpetually injured state, where you never actually heal but can never go all out, and I just can't do that to myself. I'd rather take the time now and then be ready for spring. It's just really frustrating right now. Maybe slightly relieving, since the pressure to get back out there by a certain date is gone, but my main emotion right now is frustration.

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