Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back on the Road

So I've gradually begun running again. Emphasis on gradually. I ran a 21 mile week two weeks ago, and last week was all of 35. I'm still not 100%, so about twice a week, I've been going to Active Performance Chiropractic for active release therapy on my posterior tibial tendon and my hip flexor. Quite a few people have had really good experiences with Active Performance Chiropractic, and I've seen some improvement since starting therapy, so hopefully I'll be good to go sooner rather than later. I also like going to a doctor who runs, since I feel it gives them a certain background and perspective that a non-athlete may not have, which is yet another reason I decided to contact Dr. Laura. I've also started doing PT exercises and drills for the random little muscles in my lower legs that don't necessarily get as much exercise as they need with straight running. Not something I usually do, since normally, I'm all about running and that's it, but I figure it can't hurt, and with any luck, it'll help. I must be doomed to not be healthy though, because I recently added a sprained wrist from BMX biking to my injury list. My left arm is definitely weaker right now, and isn't pulling its weight as far as pumping and driving, but you don't actually run with your arms, so I guess it could be worse. Looking forward to being able to lift again, hopefully before my shoulders atrophy to nothingness.

The one thing I'm sort of worried about is shoes. I've worn the Nike Pegasus for 8 years, and I've been fine with all of the changes they've made to that shoe...except whatever they've done for this latest iteration. I noticed they were different as soon as I put them on (for one, I had to lace lock them, something I've never done in the past), and within 150 miles, I developed a hip flexor problem I had never experienced before. I hadn't changed anything else other than my shoes. A couple of the guys at NRC confirmed my suspicions that the Pegasus had undergone some changes. I thought I solved it by moving to the Brooks Ghost, but then I developed the post tib issue. Dr. Laura explained this whole chain reaction where the hip flexor injury caused me to shorten my stride, which moved a good portion of my power generation to my lower legs, which in turn put more stress on my tibialis posterior muscle and posterior tibial tendon. I did notice my stride had shortened (though at first, I thought it was a good thing, since my stride is obscenely long for someone my height, and shortening my stride also increased my stride rate to the "ideal" 180 steps per minute), so her explanation makes a lot of sense, and would make the injury a result of compensating for my hip, rather than because of the Ghost. Additionally, I think I was wearing Nike Katana Racers the first day my tendon was actually a problem, but I sort of doubt it just magically appeared one day, and it more than likely was slowly breaking down over time (whether by the mechanism Dr. Laura described or due to some other cause). My friend Molly also stated that she has had some post tib problems when wearing the Ghost, and it looks like she probably had around the same number of miles on them as I did when her problem popped up. Note to self: ask her if she still thinks it's the shoes or if she found some other explanation for it. I did call NRC about a pair of Brooks Defyances, the other shoe Molly suggested checking out, but they don't currently have my size (the Defyance runs about a half size larger than the Ghost), and considering the last Brooks order (the one with my T6s) hasn't come in yet, I don't want to ask them to order more stuff for me. I think they are supposed to get a shipment soon though, so I'm sure I'll be bugging them again soon enough.

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