Friday, November 12, 2010

P90X = Hungry

I eat a lot of food. Probably because I run 90 miles per week normally, and even when I can't run (like now), I try to put in a good amount of time on the trainer or lifting or whatever. Two weeks ago apparently involved 27.5 hours of physical activity, between the bike trainer, lifting, and physical therapy. That's like professional triathlete style, right there. And wholly unnecessary...I won't be doing that again. Last week only consisted of 18 hours of working out, AND Monday was a totally off-day. And this week will probably be around 20. But anyway, that should serve as adequate explanation for my dietary habits. However, since starting P90X, my appetite has gone into overdrive. Normally, I eat like a normal, athletic person who works out but doesn't run 90 miles per week throughout the day, and then sometime around 9pm, I decide I want a loaf of bread and half a jar of peanut butter. Most nutritionists recommend against that, but that's just the way my appetite works. However, this last week, I've wanted a loaf of bread and half a jar of peanut butter for breakfast, again for lunch, and again for dinner, and then I still want a box of cereal at 9pm. Well no, that's not quite right, since I haven't gone through more than one jar of peanut butter in one day, so I guess it's not a half a jar every meal, but I digress. And there's a little bit of variety in my diet. Today I had several bowls of oatmeal, polenta, some cinnamon raisin bagels, and a sweet potato, along with the bread, cereal, and peanut butter. So as long as carbs count as variety, I'm golden! Anyway, I cut back on cycling since starting P90X, so I'm down to about an hour of cycling and an hour of P90X per day. And there's no way P90X is harder than 10x1600, so I have no idea what's going on. It's possible that I'm finally starting to build muscle on my skinny little Tyrannosaurus Rex arms. However, it's more likely that I'm just getting cycling quads and my arms are remaining T-Rex-like, since that's what the mirror is telling me. Of course, neither muscular arms nor cycling quads are useful for running.

I also really dislike the P90X Yoga X. It requires static strength, which is not a strong point of mine, flexibility, which is really not a strong point of mine, and balance, which is really, REALLY not a strong point of mine. I'm enjoying most of the rest of it though, so far. PT Fran asked me if I was doing my yoga exercises. I told him yes because I tried to do Yoga X yesterday, even though it involved a lot of modified poses that required less flexibility and balance.

I am currently using a POS mag bike trainer. I bought it cheap off Craigslist and it does not do a very good job of holding my bike in place, nor does it simulate the way cycling actually feels, nor is it quiet enough that I can use it anywhere around other people. Here's to hoping a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine or Cycleops Fluid 2 shows up on Craigslist for not a ton of money in the near future.

I have two new cycling DVD's to entertain myself with on the trainer! To add to the excitement that is Carmichael Training Systems Race Simulation, I now have CTS Criterium and Spinervals Have Mercy! Race Sim is more exciting than Crit, which involves a bunch of intervals that you don't feel until the end as opposed to Race Sim's constant assault of different stimuli, but doing Race Sim multiple times a week is no good either. I haven't tried the 120 minute Have Mercy video yet...guess that'll be either tomorrow or Sunday depending on how my legs feel.

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