Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where your dreams become reality?

Just for a moment, let me redirect you to Leah @ Chasing Atalanta's blog.

I've been banned on the LetsRun message board for defending my friend Molly Pritz. I'm not even going to get into what I think of the LetsRun community's treatment of an up-and-coming young woman who is part of a bright future of American distance running because all it does is get me frustrated. In all honesty, it's probably just a handful of people, but it truly sickens me. Anyway, like I said, that's all I'm going to say about that topic, because negativity countered with negativity doesn't solve anything, and my energy is better spent supporting Molly in other ways.

But this latest thing is just pathetic. This isn't the anonymous cowards of the message board...this is actually on the news page.
"Just how easy is the standard for women's US marathon trials? Well, a 4:08 marathoner can do it."
Dude, WHAT?! I don't want to talk about whether the women's B-standard is "soft." That's not why I'm writing this post, and it's an entirely different can of worms anyway. Yes, I understand that the main purpose of the Trials is to choose the Olympic team, but let's face it, a 2:19 guy is a really long shot to crack the top three too. What I do want to talk about is LetsRun's treatment of a woman who no doubt worked her ass off to achieve her dreams. LetsRun's tagline is "Where your dreams become reality," yet now they're going to tear down the accomplishment of a woman who did just that?! As well as the accomplishments of many other women who worked hard in pursuit of that same goal (not to mention those who sacrificed so much, yet still fell heartbreakingly short)? Brojos, do the right thing, fix the news story, and apologize to Erin O'Mara. And to Erin, congratulations on your accomplishment. However hard you had to work to take well over an hour off your time...well, clearly you deserve this, and no one, including LetsRun, can take that away from you.


  1. Thanks Becki, for furthering the cause, and for reiterating that this was the newsfeed, not the anonymous cowards on the message board.

  2. LetsRun is a joke. While I have occasionally found some interesting news, I always read said stories/articles elsewhere. And more like "infamous" message boards. We should be supporting all of our fellow runners. It's just a bunch of people who have no self-confidence and nothing better to do than sit on their ass all day ripping on people they probably don't even know.

  3. Letsrun has little if any journalistic credibility, they do essentially zero original reporting and their analysis and commentary is often both ignorant and puerile -- go figure. I make a point to avoid sites like that; I have more than enough pointless miscellany in my head as it is without actively chasing it with even more of the same. Unfortunately, many so-called news outlets do this sort of thing, they put an inflammatory or sensationalized twist in a headline or article to bait reader response. It is sort of like the line out of "Private Parts" regarding Howard Stern: people who love him tune in to hear what he'll say next and people who hate him tune in to hear what he'll say next. Anyway, I wonder if they would say the same for the men's OT standard since their own very first attempts at 1600m were likely slower than 6:00.

    Really, all anyone needs to know is that it is a cheap site. Frankly, I aspire to more than cheap.


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