Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 U.S. Olympic Marathon Team Trials

Got this picture from my friend Aimee's Facebook page. I'm assuming it's her picture?

Thanks for the inspiration. Now go get 'em in London!



  1. It was nice of NBC to block online streaming, and then not air the race live anyway. Would have been fun to watch.

    However, I'm excited to see how the 6 do in London. I think Desi and Shalane, especially, have a chance to do very well. (Not that the others don't, of course.)

  2. Yeah I was pretty disappointed that there was no way to watch it live. I ended up following it on Twitter and LetsRun. Glad I got to see the highlights, but by the time NBC showed them, I (and everyone else who cared about the Trials) already knew what happened.

    I think Desi and Shalane have a great chance to do well too! Desi is absolutely on fire, and WOW how about Shalane?! I actually think Kara might step up too...she really didn't sound confident in her fitness for the Trials, and I feel like if she manages to get herself back in shape (and she seems to be well on her way), a Kara at 100% will be pretty darn fast.

    My heart breaks for Dathan and Amy though. Dathan seems to have had the toughest injury run ever, and to come back and PR and not make the team...that sucks. And Amy just ran such an incredible, gutsy race. I guess for every dream that comes true, another person's dream doesn't.

  3. I think it's worth noting, Dathan is younger than the three that beat him, and not only did he PR, he actually finished closer to Hall this year than in New York. So while reading his interview is borderline tear inducing, I'd hate to see him give up on the marathon. I think it can still be a very good race for him. But who knows?

  4. Is Dathan younger than Ryan? It can't be by much...pretty sure they graduated the same year. I remember watching those two (and Alan Webb) duke it out at Foot Locker. They're both maybe two years older than me, so it was right when I first started paying attention to what was going on in the XC/track world. That was such an amazing race...I think that's when I first became a Dathan fan.

    But yeah, Meb and Abdi have been at this forever! Awesome performances from the vets. Big change from 2008, when Brian Sell was the oldest at what? Like 29?

  5. Yeah, Hall is just a couple of months older. For some reason I had imagined the gap was more like 2 years. Meb and Abdi are much older, obviously; and there doesn't seem to be a swell of younger (American) marathoners running close to the 2:09 range.

    All of that said, it's rather easy to objectively say that he had a good race, and will have more in the future. It's much harder to ask him to feel that way, in that moment. Still, he does have 10,000M to take a crack at; and the strength it takes to run 2:09:XX over 26.2 can only help.


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