Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Totally not running related

But in case you guys were wondering what I'm up to. Besides running, obviously. But all the TV shows I was watching are done now (whose names I will not be posting, since no one would ever take me seriously again, with the possible exception of Molly Pritz, who got me hooked on this current lineup), and I ended up busting out the old Smallville DVDs. And apparently I forgot that Smallville episodes are one of those things where you can't just watch one. So here's some new art for ya:

Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) and Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) of Smallville

Usually when I draw, I have problems drawing women (if you look at my running pictures, I won't even tell you how much longer it took me to draw Rowbury than the guys), but for some reason with this one, it took me at least ten times as long to get Ollie right than it did Tess. His face anyway, God knows I have quite a bit of practice drawing shirtless men. Considering this was the island scene, I was *really* close to going all Castaway and making his head into a volleyball. Still not perfect, but I think they're both recognizable enough.

More after the jump.

Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) of Smallville

Continuing the Smallville trend, here's the Emerald Archer...Oliver Queen. To make this more interesting, I gave myself a self-imposed time limit of 90 minutes. Whatever it looked like in 90 minutes, it was finished. So here you go, Green Arrow in an hour and a half. I'd blame the 90 minutes on why his eyes are lopsided, but in reality, I didn't notice it until now and had I noticed earlier, I would have fixed that and not drawn the hood. CRAP.


  1. Awesome artwork (as always)! VERY impressive, Becki!

  2. Hey Becki,

    You're a talented artist! Can't say I'm a huge Smallville fan, but I like Superman related stuff.

  3. Thanks Ken! I suppose if you're a big Superman fan, Smallville would probably annoy you. While I was never a HUGE comic book reader, the comics I have read were almost exclusively X-Men, so any DC continuity stuff they messed up would have gone over my head. (On the other hand, I have read enough X-Men that the movies did have me thinking WTF at some points. Not a big enough fangirl to get all upset over it, other than *maybe* their treatment of Dark Phoenix, but I can still see how big Superman fans might get upset about Smallville).


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