Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gear Review: Hansons Marathon Method: A Renegade Path to Your Fastest Marathon

I'm a believer in the theory of cumulative fatigue. So a couple years ago, when a friend asked for some marathon advice, I suggested de-emphasizing the long run, and instead placing a focus on consistent mileage and quality workouts. I told her that I believed that running marathon paced workouts on tired legs would serve her better than having one disproportionate workout per week that required sacrificing the next several days to recovery. Now, she really had no reason to believe me, since at that point, I had run one marathon and it had not gone that well, and all the plans by established coaches like Pete Pfitzinger and Jack Daniels had 20 mile runs in them (I did run a better one later, and trained for that race using the principle of cumulative fatigue). However, I had some ammo: a Running Times article about a method used by two brothers in Michigan who have had success using the principle of cumulative fatigue to train elite distance runners. The result? She PRed and qualified for Boston. Last year, Luke Humphrey, a Hansons athlete, exercise physiologist, and coach at Hansons Coaching Services, wrote Hansons Marathon Method, which detailed the training philosophy used by the Hansons Brooks Original Distance Project.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Life update

My apologies for disappearing the past few weeks. I had finals and was swamped with work, then I was running like crap and avoiding my blog, then I finished up track season and took a downtime, and there's nothing to write about on downtime, sooo...

Anyway, as for my life, it's back to school (honestly, what's with only getting two weeks between semesters?) and back to the road. Track season was fun, but let's face it, I'm no 5K runner. I disagree with everyone who says that marathons are harder than 5Ks, since I'm currently at 50% for good vs. bad marathons, but my good to bad 5K ratio is probably 1:10 or possibly worse, and while I've only run two marathons, I spent 8 years focused on the 5K. Not that marathons are easy, because they're not at all, but the idea that 5Ks are a beginner's distance is a load of crap. The only way you "move up" to a marathon is in distance...the challenge is no lower. So, 5K, you've won this round, but I'll be back. Eventually. For now though, it's road half time! (Well, not quite yet. I'm not about to begin training for a September half yet...I'll do a mini cycle for a mid-summer race, then take a mini-downtime, then gear up for the half.)

So, what are everyone's summer/fall racing plans? 
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