Saturday, May 11, 2013

Life update

My apologies for disappearing the past few weeks. I had finals and was swamped with work, then I was running like crap and avoiding my blog, then I finished up track season and took a downtime, and there's nothing to write about on downtime, sooo...

Anyway, as for my life, it's back to school (honestly, what's with only getting two weeks between semesters?) and back to the road. Track season was fun, but let's face it, I'm no 5K runner. I disagree with everyone who says that marathons are harder than 5Ks, since I'm currently at 50% for good vs. bad marathons, but my good to bad 5K ratio is probably 1:10 or possibly worse, and while I've only run two marathons, I spent 8 years focused on the 5K. Not that marathons are easy, because they're not at all, but the idea that 5Ks are a beginner's distance is a load of crap. The only way you "move up" to a marathon is in distance...the challenge is no lower. So, 5K, you've won this round, but I'll be back. Eventually. For now though, it's road half time! (Well, not quite yet. I'm not about to begin training for a September half yet...I'll do a mini cycle for a mid-summer race, then take a mini-downtime, then gear up for the half.)

So, what are everyone's summer/fall racing plans? 

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  1. Hey Becki,

    I'd like to do some 5 milers and several 5Ks over the next 4 months or so. It's hard to find 5 mile races though. A lot of the races have switched to the 5K distance. I agree that the 5K is a difficult race because it's just an all out sprint from start to finish. The distance is nice in that it's easier to recover though.


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