Monday, September 15, 2014

Gear Review: Versa Gripps

I'm changing this up a little bit from my regular running gear reviews, because 1) most runners could use some time in the gym to prevent imbalances from forming and to keep themselves from getting skinny-fat, and 2) Versa Gripps are probably the best $55 that I've spent in a while. So I'm sure those of you who have spent time in the gym have seen people using lifting straps (not wrist wraps, but those long straps that get wound around the bar to keep weak grip strength from holding back other muscle groups by transferring some of the weight to the forearms) or lifting hooks (which serve the same purpose, only...they're hooks). Straps and hooks are cool because they're cheap, but they have a couple problems. First, straps take a while to wrap. Second, neither straps nor hooks will release quickly if you need to drop the weight in a hurry. And third, they're not all that comfortable. That's where Versa Gripps come in.

Friday, September 12, 2014

ZonePerfect Well-Being Essentials Kit Winner!

Congratulations to LaTanya for winning a Well-Being Essentials Kit from ZonePerfect! LaTanya, please check your email!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Blog Forward Challenge 2014 by ZonePerfect #3 and GIVEAWAY!

It's September, and I have no idea where August went. Actually, that's not entirely true, since August was filled with finals, final papers, and studying for National Boards Part II. That's one way to make a month fly by in a chaotic mess of studying, stress, and not much else. Well, studying, stress, food, and working out, because there's always room for food and the gym. So, let's check up on those ZonePerfect Blog Forward New Year's Resolutions, shall we?
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