Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gear Review: Balance Bare Nutrition Energy Bar

Energy bars have come a long way since the days when eating an energy bar meant trying to rip apart a sticky, homogenous textured Powerbar (not that there's anything wrong with those bars, and I think they're pretty good, but they're kind of an acquired taste that you eventually learn to love). While early energy bars were meant as a high-sugar (for quick energy) sports supplement, today many people want delicious tasting energy bars as a convenient snack food that requires no preparation and can be easily brought anywhere. Companies have responded with options that are often lower in sugar, higher in protein and healthy fats, and have easier to read ingredient lists. One type of bar that falls into this category is the fruit and nut bar. Today, I'll be reviewing Balance Bar's entry into this nutty snack bar category: Balance Bare Nutrition Energy Bars.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gear Review: Life Outside the Oval Office: The Track Less Traveled by Nick Symmonds

I have been a Nick Symmonds fan for years. I believe that he first appeared on my radar in 2008, when I was living in Colorado without a TV, and was constantly refreshing LetsRun or Flotrack or whatever website I was using looking for results. That year, Nick won the US Olympic Trials and made it to the semifinals at the Beijing Olympics. Since then, Nick has gone on to run a sub-1:43 800m, finish fifth at the 2012 Olympic Games, and become track and field's most outspoken advocate for athlete rights. I was super excited when I heard Nick was penning an autobiography, and now that I have it in my hands, I present to you my review of Life Outside the Oval Office: The Track Less Traveled.
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