I have a product I'd like you to review! Will you review it?
Sure, as long as it's running (or cycling) related, or relevant to my blog in some other way. Send me an email and we can talk.

Will you link to my blog?
Maybe? I don't generally do link exchange, but send me a link and I'll check it out. Currently, my recommended blogs in my links are to my real-life friends who I think have interesting blogs and to professional athletes and coaches who have posted training advice that I found very valuable, but I'm not opposed to linking to other good reads.

Can I write a guest post?
Perhaps. It does need to be running-related, so I probably won't run your article on how to survive grad school, but I may be interested in a guest review of the shoe. However, I do have standards, so it has to be a solid article, and I will want to read it first.

Will you draw a picture of me?
I'd be happy to. I do freelance artwork on the side to help pay for school, and generally charge US$50 for a single person portrait (additional people can be added for a small surcharge). Please contact me for details and we can talk about what you want done.

Where did that quote at the top of your blog come from?
It's a quote from John L. Parker, Jr.'s Once a Runner, my personal favorite fiction running book, and quite possibly my favorite fiction book of all time. Highly recommended.

Have you read Born to Run? That book changed my life!
Yeah, it was okay. I'm still waiting for Born to Run Fast. I'm glad you enjoyed it though.

Are you really Supergirl?
Are you asking me to give away my true identity online on a public blog?!
Crap, Clark's going to kill me!

What shoes are you wearing in the Supergirl picture?
Brooks T6 Racer. They seem to help with the "Faster than a speeding bullet" part.

You're really small compared to that track in the Supergirl picture.
I'm like 5'3 on a good day, what do you expect? Sometimes I wear shoes with a high heel-toe drop just to make myself look taller.

You talk about shoes a lot. What shoes are you currently wearing?
Right now, I use the Brooks T7 Racer for speedwork and races, and train in...one of a number of shoes. Um, I like the Launch? I trained in the Pegasus for years, but Nike did something to it and now the cushioning is softer and the toebox doesn't fit me right. I used to race in the Adizero PR, but Adidas discontinued them. And I used to do all my trail running in the New Balance 790, but New Balance discontinued them too. That doesn't mean that these are the best shoes for everyone, of course, and I still recommend you go to a store to figure out what shoes are most appropriate for you.

Why are you against minimalism and barefoot running?
Really??? I'm not! I own more flats than anyone I know! I run in the 4.7oz ASICS Piranha sometimes! The 3.9oz Adidas Adizero PR was one of my favorite shoes ever! I advocate doing barefoot drills! In the right time and place, minimal shoes and no shoes can be a good thing. I'm not against minimalism at all. I'm just for recognizing that people's bodies are variable, and what works for one person can be a bad thing for another.

Can I see your training log?
Unfortunately I don't have it online anywhere that's easy to access. Suffice it to say that I train a lot.

What's the most miles you've run in a week?
124 miles, but it was all easy mileage so it wasn't that hard of a week. I've done lower mileage weeks that were a lot harder.

What's the hardest workout you've done?
A race.

That's not a workout.
And that's not a question. Let's change this question to what's my favorite workout? In college, we used to do the Michigan sometimes. That was pretty awesome. Our coach said it changed boys into men and women into...men. I don't think it worked for me though. *checks* Nope, still a woman.

What's the longest you've gone without taking a day off?
I honestly have no idea. Probably a couple months. I'm not a streaker (in either sense of the word really, but I guess I'd be more likely to run around naked than start to get obsessed about never taking any off-days or downtime).

Does that mean you'll post naked pictures of yourself?

Your blog sucks! You said that heel striking isn't necessarily bad, but it causes injury. And so do the shoes you keep reviewing. We were born barefoot and were meant to midfoot strike!
...Awesome. You keep searching for that elusive running zen. Good luck with that. I'll be training if you need to find me.

Have a question that's not here? Let me know!
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