Friday, February 17, 2012

Internet Memes

I posted this on Facebook on Wednesday, which was kind of late. By that point, the joke was already pretty old and people were getting pretty sick of it (only in the digital age does a joke get old after two days). So now I'm really late. And I think Flotrack or someone beat me to it. But oh well, I liked mine better. If you can't read it, click for full-size.

All of the pictures came from Google search and none of them are mine. Bottom left is from Running Times, bottom right is from LetsRun, and I don't remember where the other three came from, sorry. If they're yours and you want credit and/or me to take it down, just email me and yell at me.


  1. LOL, I stopped reading them after the first day!

  2. Hah, I know, I've jumped the shark here! Actually I thought a few of the ones I've seen were pretty clever, but it's definitely gotten old by now.


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