Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clothing Comparison (or how drivers react when I wear less clothes)

Yesterday, I wore:
And drivers were nice to me. They gave me space, they didn't fly by at Mach 12, they stopped at stop signs and waved for me to go, no one honked or cursed at me (although I did get one wolf whistle), etc. Also, the construction workers stopped traffic for me. Huuuge difference from the winter when I was bundled up in lots of clothes and people were mean. I figured it was nice outside and maybe people were happy that the weather was warm.

Today, I wore:

And some ridiculous baggy Brooks singlet that is so old that I can't even find a picture online. Drivers did not move over or slow down for me, I waited forever at stop signs until there were no cars, I got honked at and cursed at (but at least no one threw anything, I guess), etc. It was basically what happened in winter all over again, despite the fact that it was just as warm as yesterday, only sunnier (yesterday saw some light rain), so apparently it wasn't just people being happy about the weather. I hate using girliness to my advantage...but sex sells, and if it keeps me from getting hit by cars, I may have to wear booty shorts with 2" inseams more often...

Alright, random post, sorry. I do have another shoe review, just need to find time to write it.


  1. My brother reached out and banged on a car that was cutting in on us while we were running this weekend. It was almost like they saw us and tried to get as close as possible, even when there were no other cars in site. We definitely didn't look very sexy, so maybe that's why.:)

  2. That's terrifying...I've definitely had cars play that game with me before, so I wouldn't be surprised! You should give the booty shorts a try...I swear cars are nicer! (If you're solo, I think you'll find male runners are nicer when you're wearing booty shorts too, but if there's a guy with you, they tend to ignore you, brother or not!)

  3. Whatever it takes to not off minutes from your training.......... LOL

  4. I know, right? Make sure you look good and don't have to wait at stop signs for a long time. Win, win! Clearly, this is why things like bunhuggers exist.


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