Saturday, August 4, 2012


Galen Rupp (silver) and his training partner Mo Farah of Great Britain (gold) Source


Full results after the jump.

1. Mohamed Farah (Britain) 27:30.42
2. Galen Rupp (USA) 27:30.90 
3. Tariku Bekele (Ethiopia) 27:31.43 
4. Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia) 27:32.44 
5. Bedan Karoki Muchiri (Kenya) 27:32.94 
6. Zersenay Tadese (Eritrea) 27:33.51 
7. Teklemariam Medhin (Eritrea) 27:34.76 
8. Gebregziabher Gebremariam (Ethiopia) 27:36.34 
9. Polat Kemboi Arikan (Turkey) 27:38.81 
10. Moses Ndiema Kipsiro (Uganda) 27:39.22 
11. Cameron Levins (Canada) 27:40.68 
12. Moses Ndiema Masai (Kenya) 27:41.34 
13. Dathan Ritzenhein (USA) 27:45.89 
14. Robert Kajuga (Rwanda) 27:56.67 
15. Nguse Tesfaldet (Eritrea) 27:56.78
16. Thomas Ayeko (Uganda) 27:58.96
17. Moukheld Al-Outaibi (Saudi Arabia) 28:07.25
18. Mohammed Ahmed (Canada) 28:13.91
19. Matthew Tegenkamp (USA) 28:18.26
20. Ben St Lawrence (Australia) 28:32.67
21. Diego Estrada (Mexico) 28:36.19
22. Yuki Sato (Japan) 28:44.06
23. Ayad Lamdassem (Spain) 28:49.85
24. Daniele Meucci (Italy) 28:56.46
25. Christopher Thompson (Britain) 29.06.14
26. Mykola Labovskyy (Ukraine) 29:32.12
Wilson Kiprop (Kenya) DNF
Ali Hasan Mahboob (Bahrain) DNF
Bayron Piedra (Ecuador) DNF


  1. This was the greatest race I've ever seen in my life. I couldn't be happier for Mo who won on his home turf. I didn't expect Galen to medal, but DAMN was I happy when he did! I have the marathon set to record in the morning and am hoping for similar US-centric results.

  2. I know, right?! Just an awesome race. Thrilled for Mo and Galen.

  3. This and manzano in the 1500 are my fav Olympic moments so far

  4. I made the mistake of reading my Twitter feed and seeing the 1500 results early, so I knew what was coming. But damn, what a race by Manzano! And by Centro Jr, even though he just missed out on making the podium.

    And how about those decathletes?! 1-2, Eaton and Hardee!

  5. Yea, decathlon was great. Eaton is a beast as is hardee although the 1500 seemed anti climactic. Also gatlin didn't win in the 100, but watching that guy run is something else. Women's 4x100 was pretty phenomenal as well. Can't for the men's marathon tomorrow. Been completely glued to the tv this entire Olympics.

  6. 1500 was horrifying. I heard about what happened beforehand via Flotrack and LetsRun, but actually seeing it was a thousand times worse. My heart breaks for Morgan Uceny.

  7. I was referring the 1500 in the decathlon but the women 1500 was brutal to watch as uceny was left on her knees sobbing. Had high hopes after watching the trials, it really is too bad to see things go the way they did.

  8. OOPS, I totally missed that, sorry! Yeah, Eaton pretty much knew he had it wrapped up by that point, I think.


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