Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cumulative Fatigue

Huh...turns out cumulative fatigue is real.

Okay, on a more serious note, this month is absolutely crazy for me. Getting hit with midterms, as well as the last hard month of training before my taper. However, I wanted to give you all a quick update of what's on the horizon, because I have a backlog of reviews I need to get to.

On the shoe side, I want to thank all of you who voted for my Kinvara 3 design for the Flotrack contest. I finished sixth! I originally thought that only the top 5 got prizes, so I was like "Great, first loser," but it turns out that it's the top 10! So thanks again for voting, and I'll have a Saucony Kinvara 3 review up, hopefully sooner rather than later. Also, for you minimalists out there, I'm in the process of getting some miles on the SKORA Form, so that review is forthcoming.

Book-wise, I've been doing quite a bit of reading for school, but hey, you can never really learn enough, right? So I have Hansons Marathon Method: A Renegade Path to Your Fastest Marathon currently on order, and am hoping to have a chance to read Lize Brittin's book, Training on Empty, over Thanksgiving break (if not over Thanksgiving, then definitely over Christmas...haven't bought this one yet because I really can't afford another distraction at the moment, heh).

On the miscellaneous side, I'm in the process of writing a review for the Black Diamond Storm headlamp, and have an Aeropress coffee maker on order (yes, caffeine is running-related!).

Thanks to all my loyal readers for your patience!


  1. The Aeropress is amazing. If you've been using an electric brewer, the depth of flavor and extraction is so far beyond that. And yet it's more clear and clean than a press pot's yield. A good pour over can be as good; but it takes longer, and is far easier to do incorrectly. So yeah, the Aeropress is the best thing out there for making small batches of coffee, for me. Enjoy.

    1. I'm actually using a $3 Melitta now, but heard the Aeropress is cool and yeah, not as easy to mess up (and idiot-proof is a good thing at 4:30am). Before that, one of my roommates had a Keurig, which was super easy, but for as expensive as those pods were, I could have been buying WAY better coffee. I'm still using pre-ground coffee though, so I haven't really entered coffee geek territory (yet).


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