Monday, December 31, 2012

On to 2013!!

And so closes another year. Being my boring self, I'm sitting here blogging, eating cereal, and looking over my running log rather than going out, but I seem to recall some famous runner saying that if running isn't the most exciting part of your day, you're doing it wrong. (I feel like maybe that famous runner needs a jar of peanut butter and a spoon, because there are definitely some a lot of days when that is more exciting than running...heck, even the chocolate chips I'm throwing in my cereal bowl are more exciting than my run today). But anyway, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

2012 wasn't a bad year for me. 2010 and 2011 were pretty miserable running-wise, so it doesn't take much to be better running years than them. Surprised myself with 4080 miles for the year, which I'll take, especially when you consider where I was in November 2011. That's actually way less than I ran in '09 (and I was faster in '09 too, so it wasn't me just playing the "let's see how much I can run" game), but let's face it...fall '05-spring 06 and spring '09 were my crowning moments of awesome, and unfortunately not every year can be like that (and if they were, those crowning moments of awesome would feel a bit less awesome and a bit more ordinary). Finished off the year with a marathon, something that all but two of the doctors I saw (and I saw a ton) were so sure would never happen again, so certainly no complaints there. Life-wise (there's life outside of running?!), I'm at a different school that seems to be a better fit for me than the one I was at last year at this time...somehow the curriculum manages to be significantly harder, but hopefully that, along with the mountains of debt, will all be worth it in the end.

So now it's on to 2013! Looking to start this year off with some track action, and with any luck, will have myself back in 5000 shape by outdoor. I haven't actually trained for a 5K since 2007, so it should be interesting (Although I opened 2012 by calling it the #yearofthe5k, it somehow turned into "Let's run a marathon!" instead). Hopefully a speed segment this winter/spring will do me some good.

I'd like to thank the National Running Center for standing by me and keeping me on the team through the mess that was late-2010 and 2011, as well as for all the services they provide for runners of all abilities. I also want to thank my support system, especially my parents, for putting up with my shit, because let's face it, running can be a selfish endeavor. Another big and irreplaceable part of that support system is my bff Molly, who also has to deal with my nonsense, yet still wrote me a kickass training program that not only got me back to training post-injury, but also got me through a half-decent marathon (on a side note, Molly is now offering coaching in conjunction with Brad Hudson...tweet at her if you're interested and want details). I have no idea where I'd be without you guys, but it certainly wouldn't be here, and I highly doubt it would be anywhere good. Finally, thanks to everyone else who supported me in some way (you know who you are, and you're awesome), and to all of you for reading my ramblings and continuing to give me a reason to blog, because God knows that while I enjoy yapping away on here, it's much more fun with an audience. :-)

Happy New Year! Here's to a good 2013!


  1. Hi Becki, wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year! I had a pretty crappy 2012 so didn't blog very much, but I'm back, and training for a marathon this year! Always love reading your advice here!

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Laura! Good luck marathon training!


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