Friday, December 23, 2011

More on Footstrike and Some Other Random Stuff

Actually I lied with that title. I don't really have any comments on footstrike. Just some fun with the video camera after the jump. Video was taken after a run, so I was tired enough that this is my natural stride, not some stupid thing I decided to make up for first five minutes of running. All of this was done at my relaxed easy day pace. There were also a lot more run-throughs than the eight here, but I just grabbed one from each direction/view/shoe when I was editing. Camera is a Canon something or other (that really narrows it down...I feel like the people who go into a running store and say "My current shoes are Brooks."). Shoes are the Brooks Launch and Brooks Pure Connect.

If you can tell what's going on in that video, you've got a better eye than me. It's reduced to 0.5x, but it all still happens too fast and the frame rate is pretty low. It may also be hard to watch if you're too busy headbanging to Kirk Hammett's guitar solo, but I digress. I did grab some shots of initial contact from the frame by frame though. I think it's about initial contact anyway, like I said, the frame rate isn't great. These are the clearest from all of the close-up run-throughs I had managed to videotape. Anyway, I figure my tibia is pretty close to perpendicular at contact, but more tellingly, I've been injured like twice in over twelve years, despite doing some pretty stupid things (Jump 30 to 75 mpw freshman year of college? Ultramarathon off 5K training? Sometimes I feel like I should be surprised I can still run at all). Pretty? No, not at all. Effective? Sure, gets the job done.

Initial contact in the Brooks Launch (top) and Brooks Pure Connect (bottom)

Initial Contact in the Brooks Launch (top) and Brooks Pure Connect (bottom)

In other news, Pat Price at Writing About Running has an interview up with Molly Pritz. Nice interview, worth a read. Go check it out.

Molly Pritz and Lauren Fleshman at the 2011 ING New York City Marathon, picture from Writing About Running's interview with Molly

And finally, Happy Holidays/Christmas/Festivus/(insert other holiday here) to all my readers! Leah at Chasing Atalanta has a holiday playlist up, which of course reminded me of the hilarious Twisted Sister video for "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." The entire video is quite funny and worth watching, but if you're pressed for time, the actual music starts around 1:35 or so.


  1. Slightly confused here...

    You imply that your mechanics are ok because you have only been injured "like twice in over twelve years" yet a quick glance to the right at your twitter feed implies you are currently injured.

    You should have knocked on wood after writing this post. More importantly you should probably take a good hard look at your mechanics and be a little more open to working on your technique. I suspect you will not be able to get away with that amount of dorsiflexion for much longer.

  2. First of all, I am fairly certain I pulled it lifting, not running. Secondly, I probably should have clarified that I was speaking about actual injuries that took me out for an extended period of time. I've had a number of little aches and pains that I took a day or two off and they went away. I don't know many people who count those as actual injuries.

  3. I see Zipster found your page ;-)


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