Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A couple days ago, I was on a run and my tendon sort of blew up. Total fail run. So I got an MRI, and the results came back with the following findings:
1) Partial tear of the distal posterior tibialis tendon. There is associated tenosynovitis.
2) Joint effusions at the ankle and in the subtalar joint.
3) Small area of signal abnormality in the posterior lateral dome of the talus which may be due to contusion or early osteochondritis dissecans.

So the idea of a tendon tear really isn't making me happy, particularly when it's a tendon that gets very little bloodflow (the distal portion of that tendon is actually connected to the navicular bone). I'm assuming it must be a longitudinal tear, because I'm able to do all the things that people with torn post tib tendons shouldn't be able to do (i.e. not only can I do calf raises, but I've been doing then one legged off the edge of a stair for the past couple weeks, which in retrospect, was probably a very bad idea). Since there is inflammation in that area, I'm wondering if I should be taking Aleve to try to get rid of some of it. On the other hand, some inflammation isn't necessarily a bad thing, and Aleve will also get rid of the pain indicator that tells me whether I'm pushing too hard (on the bike trainer, since running is out for now).

Normally I'd be frustrated, pissed off, and throwing things around. But for whatever reason, I'm not really. At least not yet. I'm just...upset. Feeling totally defeated, like a "lost the battle, lost the war, lost the things worth fighting for" kind of deal. On the trainer for now, though we'll see how long that lasts, since I'm half expecting that to get taken away next. Then all I'll be able to do is stress eat.

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