Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Is there anything better than the feeling of new shoes? Well, I suppose a new PR beats new shoes hands down, but besides that. After trying on several pairs of shoes this evening (thanks National Running Center), I ended up with a pair of Brooks Defyances. Hopefully I'll have better luck with them. I'm a bit disappointed with their aesthetics though.
Honestly, Brooks, what is that? The Ghost is a great looking shoe, so I know it's not your designers. Obviously I won't not buy a shoe because it's ugly, and I've worn shoes in the past that make the Defyance look downright sexy (pink Pegasus, I'm looking at you), but anyone who says they don't get a little bit excited when their shoe of choice is also a great looking shoe is either blind or a liar.

Actually, there is something else that's better than the feeling of new shoes. That's the feeling of a new bike. My friend Molly just picked up a new cyclocross bike, a Giant TCX W, that she describes as "riding like a dream" and "heaven on earth." She seems much happier about the purchase than about her road bike, a LeMond Alpe D'Huez. I'm sure part of this is recognizing what you want in a bike as you get more experienced (substitute "man" for "bike" and this sentence still works). My first mountain bike (that was actually used for mountain biking, as opposed to a campus commuter) was a Gary Fisher Tassajara I found on Craigslist. It served its purpose, which was to convince me mountain biking was fun and to tell me what I wanted in a bike, so by the time I was ready for a new bike, I knew what to get.
The bike in question being that pretty little thing on the right, the Yeti AS-R SL. A similar trend followed with my other bikes, where the first one was kind of a learning experience, and the second was the bike I really wanted. Anyway, all of Molly's bike talk inspired me to set up the trainer in my basement. This is always an adventure, since my trainer is a cheap POS and is impossible to set up (incidentally, this was my first trainer, but while I now know what I'd like in a trainer, I have no money nor desire to buy a better one). I have a feeling my trainer is the cycling equivalent of the old lady treadmills that don't go faster than 8 minute miles, but since it's human powered rather than powered by a motor, I can make it work for the most part. The Ruby also still had a blown out tire from last time I used it (not tube, of course, since that's too easy, but actual tire), so that needed to be fixed before I could do much of anything. So after struggling to set up the trainer for God knows how long, I ended up getting half an hour of cross training in today (about as long as I could stand before the sheer boredom of the bike trainer made me want to rip my eyes out). Score.

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