Friday, October 22, 2010

I Would Marry Ultrasound if I Could

I totally failed at sleeping last night. Worse than my normal fail too. Usually when I fail at sleeping, I fall asleep sometime around 3 or 4 and then just don't want to wake up. This time, I'm fairly sure I never lost consciousness, and I finally gave up at 6am and decided to get on the trainer. That's Fail #1 for the day.

After trainer-ing, I saw PT Fran to see what he could do for this tendon nonsense. He looked over the MRI results and then did an evaluation of his own. If Fail #1 was not sleeping, Fail #2 was wearing the Defyance, which I haven't run in yet, to my appointment. Fran flipped them over, checks the non-existent wear pattern, and was just like, "These are brand new." So I did my best to describe my usual wear pattern to him ("I hit right here, then move along the outside until here, then roll over here, but with the right foot, I pronate more because my arch collapses more, so I roll over here instead...") but I'm sure you can guess how that went. After examining my feet and legs and watching me walk and calf raise and a bunch of other stuff, he told me I don't pronate nearly as much as I said I did. Only I didn't think I said I overpronated that much, so apparently Fail #3 was describing my foot motion. And as long as we're counting, Fail #4 was this:
Fran: "Bruise your shin?"
Me: "I did?"
Fran: "You have a bruise running the length of your tibialis anterior."
Me: "Oh. That's from The Stick."
Sometimes I don't realize I shouldn't mention things until after they come out of my mouth and I see people's reactions. By that point, though, it's too late. Anyway, Fran said that a month of running with my hip flexor screwed up was enough time to do this, and that that's more likely the cause than my biomechanics, which are, in his words, "neutral enough." Which was my original guess way back when. Of course, this was the first place I shadowed at, so my original guess may have been influenced by the way Modern Therapeutics tends to predict causes, which would make Fran less of a confirmation of my guesses, but would say something about me learning from shadowing. I also asked Fran if he thinks it has any chance of healing. He said he didn't know if it would heal or not, but that it's possible, because tendons can potentially heal on their own. Score! That's 2-1, in favor of possibly healing without surgery.

After the evaluation, I got ultrasound. I love ultrasound. It is the greatest therapy ever. Massage is up there too, but with massage, while I'm getting it I just want it to end, and I'm not happy until after it's over. However, with ultrasound, there's much less gripping the sides of the table while hyperventilating. Unfortunately, my joy was short lived because after that I had to do PT exercises, which I was told should be "uncomfortable, but not hurt." Haven't we already established I'm really bad at drawing that line? Otherwise my shin probably wouldn't be bruised. So I decided to aim towards the wussy side, because that's probably closer to what I should be doing, and also because taking a little longer to strengthen surrounding muscles is preferable to doing more damage. Most of them were actually the same as the PT exercises I had made up for myself (but stopped doing once I got the diagnosis), only with lighter weight. Score for having an intuitive understanding of what muscles need to be strengthened, fail for grossly overestimating how much weight and what kind of therabands I should be using (emphasis on grossly). I was then told to do these exercises 2-3x per day, every other day. That's a lot of exercises. I did them again tonight, but it took forever because I did it on both legs, because I really don't want to come back and have my legs be even more unbalanced than before. Plus the not hurt leg is the one that pronates more, so that one should be worked on too, right? Anyway, I finished off the appointment with cryotherapy (aka ice, but cryotherapy sounds cooler), went home, and managed to fall asleep(!) for...2 hours. Fail #5. And now I'm still awake, stress eating and not sleeping again. And we end the day with Fail #6!

Ooh, and don't watch Beowulf. That was one of my trainer movies today and it's terrible.

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